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This is what we found on a quick test to compare car insurance prices to see where the best priced car insurance is?

Insurer Premium Excess Covered for
Budget $940.00 $650 Market
1300 Insurance $968.00 $650 Market
Virgin $999.00 $600 Market
NRMA $1,051.62 $650 Market
AAMI $1,247.42 $625 $10,800
Suncorp $1,263.98 $600 $10,900

We compare car insurance prices from the major car insurance providers. This car insurance comparision was done on 16/10/2013 via the above company websites based on insuring a 2005 Honda Civic Gli 4dr Sedan Auto 1.7 Mpi Petrol – immobilizer, factory air conditioning, no modifications or non standard accessories. no existing accident or hail damage. At night, the car is parked on the driveway at Winchmore Street, Merrylands, NSW. Covered for private and commuting with fully owned. Covered for a regular driver of 43 year old Female. The regular driver has a No Claim Discount of 5 years (rating 1) which is protected and no motor insurance claims in the last 5 years.The regular driver does not own another car. All drivers are at least 25 years of age.

It is important with all your insurance needs to understand what you are covered for when you compare car insurance prices. Make sure you read the fine print so you know what you are covered for.

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Car thefts drop – Time for insurance

Car thefts rates have dropped

A police crackdown has resulted in the lowest car theft rates for over 30 years. A 6% drop over the last year alone reaching the lowest theft rates since the 80’s. There was actually a slight rise in 2011/12, but the trend is still way down and the rates fell again the following year anyway.

That’s impressive. Modern car anti-theft measures have assisted in these reduced rates of theft as have the police crackdowns, which actually has a fairly immediate impacts. There has however been an increase in keys taken during house break-ins, with Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that 43.4% of car thefts occur from the owner’s home. 

The Hyundai Excel and Holden Commodore VT and VE were at the top of the targets.

While car thefts have declined last year, they are still a staggering average of 158 per day. That is 158 people a day inconvenienced by no longer having their car, who may not ever get it back, who may face increased premiums due to having to lodge a claim (if you have insurance). If the Insurance Ninja catches the drop kicks, look out.

Motorcycles were not so lucky as thefts actually increased. Might need to hide my scooter behind my car.

You can reduce the risk of your car being stolen by following some easy steps. 

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  • Secure your car. Always lock your car.
  • Don’t leave the keys in the ignition or in plain site. Hiding the keys may actually increase personal risks in cases of confrontation with the burglar. so a safe place out of plain site but not hidden is wisest.
  • Park wisely.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car.

The right insurance cover can certainly help you out if you are one of the unlucky victims. Check here for a quote.


Car insurance premiums rise

Car insurance costs rise.

Car insurance costs have increased at three times the rate of inflation over the past year according to research from Canstar. After comparing more than 28,000 car insurance policy quotes for a variety of vehicles and customer/driver categories from all over Australia they found that the average increase in costs was 7.95% which is well above the inflation rate of 2.5%. It seems that the car insurance premiums for families took the biggest hit with increases of more than 12%. Under 25’s next hardest hit with increases of almost 10%.

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1300Insurance gets a tick from Money Magazine

Great travel deals

1300Insurance gets the nod from Money magazine

It seems Money Magazine thought 1300Insurance Car Insurance was good enough for a special mention in the Best of the Best awards 2013. Pretty impressive stuff as they felt a need to lavish special praise in regards to the cheap price of the car insurance and the higher extras allowance. Special mention was given to the allowance towards a hire car in the event of theft, allowance towards emergency transport and accommodation and the allowance for removal of debris at the scene of an accident, which some insurers fail to provide at all. Now you need to ask yourself… have you got the right insurance for you? Are you paying too much for your insurance? It might be time to check out these new cost effective car insurance providers as it seems that you can get peace of mind for a lot less than you might think. Did you know that 1300Insurance is backed by Auto & General, which is one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

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Big Insurance Wins Big.

Hot off the press this week….

The insurance giants have been busy making huge profits again. IAG ( well known brands of CGU, SGIO,NRMA SGIC) net profit rose to $776 mil tripling 2012 profit, whilst Suncorp Insurance Group (Brands include Suncorp, GIO, AAMI, Shannons, Vero, Just Car, APIA, Bingle) have also had a healthy year, doubling net profit to $883mil. QBE had a good year in Australian market as well, their profits not in the league of Suncorp and IAG due to their US investments having poor returns. David Ellis, Morningstar said “We now have higher premiums, relatively low occurrence of catastrophic events … That has lead to marked improvements”.

Who is getting the benefit from your money ?

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